Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well, it is Tuesday night and I have just come home from an english language class put on by our church. It is up at the local university and there are usually any where between 30-80 university students who attend. Grant went last week and really enjoyed it but he had too much school work tonight so I went instead. The evening begins with singing some worship songs (in English), followed by a game, some teaching and then small group time. We are the "English teachers" for the small groups. I met students from China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. I was very impressed with how polite and kind the students are. It is a real entry-level outreach opportunity. At the end of the session Pastor David invited them to come to chuch on Sunday for our 5th anniversary bbq. Please pray that many will attend and pray the God will use these classes for His glory!

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  1. We will do just that. Thanks for the updates. God Bless.