Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bugs I Have Loved....yeah right

Okay, as a science teacher, nobody needs to know about my fear of bugs. It's interesting that I have decked out my science room with marine fish, African cichlids, turtles, a bearded dragon and even a rhinoceros beetle (incidentally the strongest animal in the world) but I really, REALLY hate most insects, especially huge, noisy, spaztic ones. Take for instance the giant Cicada that was on our deck last night. I was working at the kitchen table and thought someone had accidentally started up a buzz saw on our deck. I looked out but saw nothing. I sat down and it soon started again. Whenever I opened the patio door, it was silent again but then I moved a chair and all heck broke lose (noise wise, but I couldn't see anything). Each time I moved something on the deck, this huge squawking would start up. I thought it was some weird bird trapped behind our propane tanks. Finally I moved enough stuff and this freakish beetle thing came tearing out screaming like a baboon with nightmares. And it was huge (sorry for starting a sentence with and, but that's how we do it here in Taiwan).

Anyway, it seemed like it wanted to set up a permanent home on our patio, as much as I tried to convince it to leave, so I killed it......with Raid, from behind the protection of a barely open patio door. The Raid started it screeching continuously for about half an hour and it took two more shots of raid to finally terminate the thing.

At least, I figured, one giant screaming cicada in 3 months isn't too bad. But, not 8 hours later, I kicked one on my morning run, send it screaming into the bush. Hope this isn't a trend. And I thought cockroaches were bad.


  1. You cowardly tortured one of God's creations with RAID? Poor thing.... It is rather large though. Glad the cultural experience lives on!! Missing you around here as we watch the original "O" team disband. Marilyn's last day tomorrow - it all seems very weird. Have fun in Taipei. Isn't that a long bus ride? I thought is was 3 hours on the HSR.

  2. Brings a whole new meaning to the Wiggles song "cicadas singing..." doesn't it?
    Hi to everyone.