Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quite the Week!

Well, it has been quite a week. Janice is writing this post as Grant is busy at school. We have now been 6 days without water in our district. The school water tank has also been depleted so unless the water comes back on by tomorrow, school will not be able to start on Monday. This is bittersweet because the kids are anxious to begin but it would give the teachers more days to prepare!

Isaac went with his youth group today up in the mountains to help a village that was devastated by the typhoon. He will be digging mud! In contrast to that, I went with the ladies to a hair salon in Nanse that will give you a 40 minute hair wash/scalp and neck massage for 150NT ($5)! We were all feeling hot, stinky and sweaty before we went in and quite refreshed when we came out.

We went last night to a night market in Kaohsiung. It was lots of fun! We tried some different varieties of mushrooms, chicken butts on a stick and even squid on a stick. We also had some type of crepe thing that was delicious! We discovered that stinky tofu is...............really stinky!!! We have been told that it tastes better than it smells but we were not quite brave enough to try it! The people at the market were very friendly and not that pushy at all. There were lots of game booths, clothing stands and all sorts of other things for sale. When we got home Grant and Isaac had an outside shower using the groundwater well. They kept their bathing suits on!

Today a fire truck came and filled up our reservoir so we now have enough water to run our air conditioners on a limited basis - yes! It is really quite an adventure. You realize how little water you really need to brush your teeth or wash your dishes when you have to haul it up from the well outside. Toilet flushing is another thing all together. You know the saying, "if it's yellow....".

Isaac brought in from outside some big green fruit that we discovered was a type of grapefruit. We are not sure which tree they fell from, but they are quite yummy. I'll get Grant to post a picture of one so you can see what it looks like - more like a lime really.

We will let you know the details of Isaac's trip up the mountain once he gets back.


  1. You've had quite the experiences in your short time there! Love reading about all your adventures, thanks for keeping us updated. Hannah is doing well. She will be off to Pender Island next week again!

    Love and miss you guys!


  2. Cool stuff. It's not what you signed up for or expected, bit this is a true God-adventure for your family. We thoroughly enjoy following you on this trek.