Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quick Update

Well, Isaac got home at 11:00pm last night. He spent the day at a village up in the mountains about an hour from where we live. He had a great day! His job was to help dig out a brick oven that was a part of a family's roadside restaurant. It was completely buried in mud. Isaac said that the houses in the village where made of brick. There was mud every-where! It looked like hard-packed dirt until you tried to walk on it and then you sunk. We will get some photos from the youth leader to post so you can see what it looked like up there.
School update - it's on tomorrow. They had water pumped in to the school reservoir so that there will be enough. School goes from 8am-3pm and we have been told that the kids (especially the older ones) can expect to have 2-3 hours of homework every night! The Chinese families would like more and the English families would like less! It is going to be quite a challenge for our kids. Please pray that the school transition will go smoothly.
One final note. Grant has jumped right into driving in Taiwan with gusto! I, on the other hand, have yet to drive here! We both have international licenses that are good for six months. At that point we will need to take a driver's test, which is another story all to itself! We will cross that bridge when we have to. My fear is that I will hit a scooter! They are every-where and if you hit one it is your fault, no matter what - that is the culture! The scooters fly by you on both sides and to make a right turn without hitting one seems almost impossible. My goal this week is to venture out after lunch (the quiet time) and try to drive to Dashe and park (another feat)! Pray for me!

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  1. Hey y'all (Kristin writing, not Katrina),

    You've definitely had quite the adjustment experience. Which village did Isaac go to? We were extremely disappointed to hear from one of our Taiwanese friends in Kaohsiung that one of our favourite places called Maolin is no longer there. I'm curious to know if this may have been where Isaac and the youth group went??

    Have a great first day tomorrow!