Saturday, April 24, 2010


I couldn't resist posting this video. We often run across what is affectionately known as Chinglish, where a well meaning Chinese speaker tries to make an English sign (with the best of intentions and better English than my Chinese) and it turns out hilarious. I have often thought I could make a killing as a person whose service is to properly translate these signs.

Well today, I came across this video. It's a promo video of a set of islands called Penghu, where we are thinking of going this summer. This interesting thing is that the Chinglish is clearly spoken by a white guy, who obviously was just doing what he was paid to do. Enjoy the beautiful scenery but listen carefully to the soundtrack.

Check it Out here.


  1. The sumptuous, scintillating explication of Penghu is ineffably sublime. If you've got a good white guy narrative voice and paid well, who cares what the script says.

  2. you beat me to ineffably sublime! ...but really I think a well paid Yoda it was...