Saturday, June 27, 2009

And So It Begins

And here it starts.  We finally all got to New York and are in the middle of PFO, which stands for Pre Field Orientation.  I wondered what they could talk about for 2 weeks but now I understand.  There's lots to consider about going overseas, working with TCKs (Third Culture Kids) and preparing your family for all that goes along with what we're doing.

The amazing thing is how many friends the kids have made.  They've both connected with kids who will be in Taiwan (and other countries too) and are both still pumped about going (with a little sadness thrown in there too).

Upstate New York is really beautiful.  We can't wait to drive to the Big Apple and see this beautiful country a bit more slowly.  Today we went to Letchworth State Park and saw some beautiful waterfalls (see pics) and are enjoying the beautiful campus of Houghton College.

More later.

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